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Herpes Cure by Suppression: Three Herpes Treatments for Stopping Herpes Outbreaks And How They Work by Hannah Yoseph, MD

Herpes Cure by Suppression: According to the CDC, one out of six adults under age 50 have HSV2. HSV2 is only one of three types of common Herpes:

Herpes Simplex Virus 1 or HSV1 (Cold Sores)

Herpes Simplex Virus 2 or HSV2 (Genital Herpes)

Herpes Zoster Virus (Chickenpox and Shingles)

By adulthood, almost everyone in the U.S. has had Chickenpox. The Chickenpox virus hides in nerves where it can later activate as Shingles. 

Chickenpox is a Herpes virus. This is why it is said that most everyone has Herpes.

Most everyone has Herpes because Chickenpox is a Herpes virus that hides in nerves and recurs as Shingles.

So, yes, you CAN have Herpes because most everyone does. So how do you get over it?

To combat an enemy you have to first clearly identify its weaknesses. So what is a virus? No one really knows.

How do we get them? No one really knows that either. Where do they come from? You got me there. 

Neither my colleagues nor I asked any of those questions in medical school and, like most students, we just accepted that viruses are part of normal life on earth and that viruses cannot be destroyed by any means...So we were told.

I can tell you what a virus is not. A virus is NOT a living organism. It does not breathe, it does not reproduce on its own and it does not produce wastes. It does not meet any of the qualifications of what it means to be “alive”. In fact, a virus looks and behaves like a tiny bio-computer. 

It is a simple protein “envelope” that houses a “program” that is systematically injected into a living cell. 

The genetic machinery of the human host cell is then taken hostage to make more viruses (pretty intelligent engineering for a thing not "alive").

You won't find fancy pictures here of the Herpes virus because effective strategy against this unseen enemy means neutralizing its unseen program.

Money and science never mix. In the practice of for-profit medicine, drug companies and healthcare providers benefit from never-ending treatments of never-ending symptoms of never-ending illnesses. For this simple reason, I remain a skeptic of any claim that a disease without a known cure can not be stopped or reversed, hence the mantra for my company Doc Wise CORP: “Natural Solutions for Conditions Touted to Have No Remedy”.

The HSV dragon can be tamed and immobilized (suppressed). Rather than worry about having a dreaded virus that most everyone else has anyway, let's get to the business of properly dividing the weak spots of that dragon and pierce some serious arrows in the chinks of its armor.

The FIRST line of defense is RED-TOP.

The Herpes virus is NOT invincible any more than is a dragon with scales, fire and strength in its sheer size.

The first weak spot of the Herpes virus is its protein coat  – the envelope that contains its infectious payload. 

(This is like the scales of a dragon's skin.) 

The second weak spot of any Herpes virus is its DNA or RNA payload that it uses to control the host cell's genetic machinery.

(This is akin to a dragon's “fire”.)

The third weak spot of the Herpes virus is its ability to replicate inside human cells until the cells rupture and release innumerable viruses. 

(This is like a dragon's strength due to its size.)

To recap, three strategies to neutralize Herpes are:

Strategy 1: Attack the protein coat (RED-TOP and GREEN-TOP)

Strategy 2: Attack the payload (RED-TOP and GREEN-TOP)

Strategy 3: Block replication (RED-TOP and BLUE-TOP)

Essential plant oils are fragrant chemicals made in different plant parts to protect the plant from a wide  variety of diseases. 

These powerful chemicals are the germ warfare agents of the plant world.

A wide range of plant oils have been demonstrated to effectively destroy the protein coat of any type of  Herpes virus. 

No scales or weakened scales = no payload.

Herp-B-Gone (HBG) RED-TOP balm is a blend of essential plant oils clinically demonstrated  to inactivate or directly kill the Herpes virus as follows:

Inactivation of the HSV1 and HSV2 virus coat (Saddi, 2007; Schnitzler, 2001).

Direct killing effect on all types of HSV (Garozzo, 2009; Koch, 2008; Schnitzler, 2008).

Suppression of HSV outbreak (Schnitzler, 2007; Koch, 2008).t antiviral effect on Herpes (Schnitzler, 2008)

Disruption of formation of the Herpes virus coat (Koch, 2008).

Inhibition of viral plaque formation (Schnitzler, 2007).

Block of cell-to-cell spread of HSV1 and HSV2 (Saddi, 2007).

Disruption of the HSV coat (Sokmen, 2004).

Killing effects on drug-resistant strains of HSV1 and HSV2 (Schuhmacher, 2003).

Inhibition of the viral replication of HSV2 (Kita, 2003).

RED-TOP is therefore a carefully-formulated blend of powerful plant aromatic oils that synergistically work to attack Herpes on multiple fronts. 

RED-TOP is not formulated to “dry” an outbreak – and in fact it can make it temporarily  more “wet” by the direct-killing effect of Herpes viruses. 

The immune  system's white blood cells will, within 24 hours, begin to remove the dead and dying viruses (and this may cause some temporary discomfort). So if you want something simply to dry an outbreak, RED-TOP is not for you! If you want to stop Herpes dead in its tracks, it is.

HSV often resides in the nutrient-rich  prostate fluid (semen). Over 30 researchers have published studies that demonstrate how the presence of Herpes in semen is associated with increased risk of HSV transmission and male infertility (a convenient plus if you're into population control). 

Because HSV is found in body fluids (mouth and reproductive organs), there is still a risk of transmission even when outbreak-free.

GREEN-TOP Sensual Lube balm was developed to decrease this risk of transmission between sexual partners.

The third and and most effective long-term strategy to confuse and immobilize the dragon is to make its den an uninhabitable place. 

This again requires color-rich compounds made by certain plants to combat infectious disease.

BLUE-TOP, the third line of defense against Herpes, is an offensive rather than a defensive strategy. 

BLUE-TOP is a direct assault against the Herpes virus and any microbe that uses the DNA machinery inside human host cells to replicate itself.

New research reveals that active Herpes infections involve activation of the JNK gene that is linked with the nucleus of human cells. 

Herpes viruses infect human cells and stimulate those cells to turn on the DNA replication machinery via the JNK  pathway. 

In this way, HSV uses human host cell DNA to replicate itself...and any kind of stress activates the JNK gene. 

When the JNK gene is turned on, the DNA replication mechanism is also activated (the JNK gene is part of the replication machinery). 

This  is why stress (emotional, environmental or hormonal) can trigger a Herpes outbreak.

BLUE-TOP is specifically formulated to suppress this activated JNK pathway with plant flavonoids (pigments) that compliment one another.

The result is a blend that is much more effective than each individual plant compound alone.